*Continued* The Best Turkey Burger In Your Frozen Food Section

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If you are coming over from my previous review of Respect Burgers, then hello! Thanks for joining. If you didn’t get to read about my love for their Wagyu Beef burger, then I am just going to link that for you right here.  I am sorry for the future burger addiction, but thank me later.

We are back again to discussing my grocery freezer finds and this time around, I had to try out Respect Burger’s Turkey Burgers because let’s face it, turkey burgers are usually dry and flavorless. Basically, this is me when I think of freezer turkey burgers. 🙅

However, I went in hoping for the best. I love their wagyu burgers and I know how they really put quality first by using only ingredients each of us can pronounce. All these have are turkey, sea salt, and rosemary extract. #Health. For the same price of $7.99, you get double the amount of burgers (6) vs. the wagyu (3). So, that it definitely a win. This time around I’m going to break it down by each of the important characteristics.

Taste: 8.5/10 – I really liked the hint of rosemary since it gave it another component, but I think since they are only 1/4 lb. there would be bigger boosts of flavor if they were a 1/3 lb. cut. I felt like 2 were a satisfying serving.

Nutrition Facts here.

Cook Time: 12 minutes was the average time for cooking. I kept each side on for about 4 minutes each and then would flip more time, just incase.

Price: Just like their Wagyu, the pack is $7.99, making each burger cost less than $2.00, which is a great deal, especially for a quick protein-filled meal or snack or for meal prep.

Where to Find: Wegman’s. This is one of the downsides, jus because not everyone can get to access them yet, but it’s worth the wait.

Final Conclusion: I genuinely think Respect Burgers is switching up the frozen food aisle with not only their ingredient profiles, but the way in which they brand themselves. As the generations change, more people are fixated on their health, which means minimalism with ingredients, lower calories alternatives that do not sacrifice flavor, etc. They pride themselves on quality for a good price that also benefits your health. I like how they have a turkey option for a “lighter calorie” option perhaps for those dieting, but when it comes to flavor, I would chose the wagyu because well, it’s wagyu and meat is life. Either way, I’ll be purchasing both again for sure.

Be sure to check them out here:

Website: https://respectburgers.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/respectburgers/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/respectbrandburgers

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RespectBrand






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