This is the best frozen burger on the market, According to me

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Over the years of my obsessive grocery shopping addiction, I’ve tasted dozens of frozen burgers, whether meat or veggie, and I have officially found my favorite. I’ve been stocking the freezer with Respect Burgers non-stop because my mom even keeps eating them when I’m not looking so I guess that speaks volumes. When it comes to grocery shopping, I am pretty frugal and health conscious, but when it comes to quality meat products, well, I can’t say “no.” However, for $7.99, you get 3 1/3 lb. burgers, but hear me out as to why this price for the quality is prettyy dang amazing. These aren just your usual chargrilled burgers loaded with sodium and come out like a car tire once cooked. They use wagyu, which a holy grail of the meat world. When looking at other companies like Bubba & Butterball, Respect uses the highest quality they can for a reasonable price rather settling for the common *Cue Cardi B okurrrrr*. This is the lucky pot of gold at the end of the frozen food aisle.

Hear me out —

First of all, once cooked, these burgers have the best texture I’ve ever encountered. With each bite, juice just drips down your forearm (as it should) and tastes like you should legitimately be at a restaurant. Wagyu is beef comes stands for ‘Japanese cow’ and is known for its tenderness, buttery texture and rich flavor. Unlike most meals, I actually have to sit and have to appreciate each and every bite. I could easily polish off a box if I really wanted to, but sometimes I’ll switch between Wagyu and their Turkey Burgers (read about them here).

Second, they cook in no time. Throw them on a grill or grill pan, give them 10 minutes and you got yourself a gourmet feast in your own home. You can easily impress your friends for then they come over #NoShame.

Third, as a company, they are environmentally conscious, which is a major plus. Also, for all you keto peeps, these are perfect for you. I will link the nutrition facts here.They do not believe in using any ingredients that you cannot pronounce and do not add hormones or antibiotics to anything they produce.

Where you can you find them?

Well, currently they are only at Wegman’s.

The final verdict? 9/10 because I just wish they were more accessible so everyone could get a taste of them, but if you can get them, they are definitely worth it the cost.

Comment and let me know what your frozen food go-to is!


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